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Spring  Term 2021 

Firstly, I would like to say a massive well done to all the children who have worked incredibly hard over the past few weeks; each and every one of you are super stars!


In Maths, we will be looking at addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and we will begin our work on statistics. We will be continuing our RWI sessions. In English, we will continue our work on the story ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. This will provide us with many writing opportunities, such as character descriptions, retellings, instructions, non-chronological reports and a chance to write our own ‘losing/finding’ narrative.


Our topic for this half term is called ‘Movers and Shakers,’ which is a history-based topic. In this topic we will learn five statements of Dawson’s model that will help to identify who are historically significant and use words like ‘years,’ ‘decade’ and ‘century’ to describe dates and times. We will study the life and impact of a significant person within our locality – Captain James Cook; and of 10 significant individuals from around the world. We will complete in-depth studies of significant explorers Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong; and significant activists Emmeline Pankhurst and Rosa Parks; and think carefully about the impact of their actions. The children will also carry out an independent study of a significant person from the past and learn about people who are significant today. We will also learn how significant people are commemorated and design a memorial for a person they have studied.

Knowledge Organiser for Movers and Shakers


Our companion project that works alongside Movers and Shakers is called ‘Still Life’. Within this, we will learn about the work of significant still life artists and still life techniques. We will explore a variety of still life pieces and learn about the use of colour and composition. We will also create our very own still life arrangements and artwork.

Knowledge Organiser for Still Life



Children are encouraged to read every day at home, and those that do will be entered into a reading raffle once a week for a chance of winning a prize. Book bags should be brought in every Monday and Thursday where books will be changed. Children will be given two reading books at a time. Once the book has been completed and the dairy signed by a parent, they can be placed in the changing box. If your child is also reading ‘home’ reading books you may want to record this in their reading diary.



Our PE day is on Thursday. Children can come to school in active wear/PE kits on Thursday. We are hoping to do PE outside this half term depending on the weather; so please ensure your child/children are dressed suitably for this. Children are encouraged not to wear earrings whilst doing PE, however if they do have to stay in, we require children to bring their own plasters to cover them up.


TTRS, Numbots and Sumdog

Just a reminder that you have logins in for these apps/programs and we are going to continue to use them throughout the year. You will find your child’s logins in their reading record. TTRS is a fun and challenging programme designed to help children master their times tables. Research shows that short daily practise is the best strategy for children to learn these important facts. Numbots is a maths game that significantly improves your child’s recall and understanding of number bonds and addition and subtraction facts. Finally, Sumdog helps to develop their mental skills.


Water bottles

Children need to bring a water bottle into school every day and these must be taken home every day to get washed.


Here is an overview of what we will be looking at this term.

Curriculum Area



We will be doing some revision of previously learnt skills; addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division and beginning our topic on statistics.


We will continue through our work on the ‘Lost and Found’ story. Children will be provided with plenty of writing opportunities, which include character descriptions, retellings, instructions, non-chronological reports, and their own version of the losing/finding narrative. We will be carrying on with our RWI sessions.


We are going to be carrying out some scientific investigations based on materials. We will also begin our work on animals, including humans.


We are going to be looking at significant artists – Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet. We are also going to be looking at Still Life.


We will be looking at historical models and learning to use key vocabulary correctly. We will be learning about a local historically significant person – Captain James Cook. We will look at chronology and timelines. We will learn about a number of significant people including Christopher Columbus, Claude Monett, Elizabeth Fry, Henry VIII, Isaac Newton, Neil Armstrong and Rosa Parks to name a few.


We will be looking at and locating historical landmarks and significant places. When looking at famous explorers we will map out their adventures on the world map. Through our English work on the ‘Lost and Found’ story we will learn and locate the world’s seven continents and five oceans; identify seasonal and daily weather patterns and locate hot and cold areas of the world in relation to the Equator and the North and South poles.

Computing (EdTech)

We are going to be doing the topic ‘We are researchers’ (researching a topic).


We are going to be looking at Relationships: Family and friends


We will be developing and learning new skills based on attacking and defending.

We will prioritise those areas of the curriculum which are essential to accelerate learning, with ambitious targets for children's progress. As always, our top priority is the safety, health and wellbeing of the children. As they return to school, we will support every child to quickly settle back into routines and friendship groups.


Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Jackson

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