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Sports Premium

The Sports Premium was introduced to fund improvements to the provision of PE and sport, for the benefit of primary-aged pupils so that they develop healthy lifestyles.  It is allocated to schools to work with all pupils and schools are free to spend the Sports Premium as they see fit.  

At Seton Community Primary School our vision is to ensure that all children are offered rich opportunities and memorable experiences, regardless of their backgrounds. We particularly aim to encourage a love of physical activity amongst those children who would not ordinarily choose sports.  By accessing a wide range of sports through our local sports partnership and the provision of new and exciting sports in school, we hope to provide sporting opportunities which will appeal to everyone.     

Our decisions on how best to use the Sports Premium are based on the findings of high quality research and publications, including Ofsted's best practice guides.  These have supported our decision on expenditure over the best and most effective use of our Sport Premium Funding.


We believe that: -

  • All of our children should and will benefit from the teaching and learning opportunities that Sport Premium funding provides.
  • Appropriate provision is made for all pupils belonging to vulnerable groups, including those who are from socially and economically disadvantaged groups.
  • Our Sport Premium funding should be spent according to 'best value' principles and related to activities which research suggests will make the very best use of the finances available.
  • As many children as possible should represent the school in a sporting team. 


We participate in: -

  • Football
  • Tag Rugby
  • Quicksticks Hockey
  • Swimming
  • Indoor Athletics and Outdoor Athletics
  • Cross Country
  • Netball
  • Gymnastics
  • Rounders
  • Cricket
  • Dance
  • Golf

Our sports curriculum grows and develops with ideas from our own children, via the School Council.   The `Daily Mile' is part of our school day and integral to our sports curriculum. Our detailed impact report can be found here for how the Sports Premium budget has been allocated this year.


Sport Premium 2018-19

2018 - 2019 Allocation = £16640

Sports funding has been targeted for:

  • Specialist sports coaches                                                 £650
  • Local Sports Package Subscription                                £1493
  • Visit to Peat Rigg Outdoor Education Centre               £80 
  • Contribution to installation of running track                £8500 
  • Contribution to installation of fitness equipment       £1000
  • Contribution to cost of scooter shed                             £200
  • Contribution to cost of new playground markings     £437
  • Enhanced outdoor sports equipment                            £500
  • PE specialist staff training                                                £660
  • Additional swimming sessions                                       £1000                                                     
  • Transport costs to competitions and events                £1000
  • Hit the Surf                                                                          £120
  • Additional lunchtime staff to train Play Leaders           £500
  • Contribution to transport cost residential visit             £500


Sport Premium 2017-18

2017 - 2018 Allocation = £16640


Sports funding has been targeted for:

  • Specialist sports coaches                                                 £2410
  • Local Sports Package Subscription                                £1493
  • Installation of running track (and training)                   £8660                                       
  • Enhanced outdoor sports equipment                            £200
  • PE specialist staff training                                                £660
  • Box2Bfit and Skip2Bfit resources                                    £420                                                     
  • New healthy eating club                                                   £120
  • Transport costs to competitions and events                £1900
  • Sports equipment                                                              £653
  • Hit the Surf                                                                          £120


Sport Premium 2016-17

2016 - 2017 Allocation = £8340


Sports funding has been targeted for:

  • Transport to events                                                          £860
  • Extra swimming                                                                £1500
  • Specialist sports coaches                                                £2110
  • Local Sports Package Subscription                               £1457
  • Extension to outdoor sports equipment                      £1000
  • Beach Schools staff training and supply costs            £1180
  • New gymnastic club                                                         £120
  • Sports equipment                                                              £27 
  • Hit the Surf                                                                          £120


port Premium 2015-16

2015-16 Allocation

£ 7785

Sports funding has been targeted for:

  • New P.E. equipment                                                                 £665
  • Equipment for After School Clubs incl medals etc             £500
  • Transport to events                                                                  £800
  • Swimming transport                                                                £1,950
  • Supply cover for sporting events                                          £1,080
  • SSCO  subscription                                                                  £585
  • Staff training – swimming                                                      £450
  • Tennis /cricket/football and pupil participation                 £1,755


Sport Premium Report 2014-15

In April 2013, the Government announced a new two year funding agreement of £150 million for physical education (PE) and sport.  Here at Seton Community Primary School we pride ourselves on our sporting provision and successful participation and achievements in community sporting events.


2014-15 Allocation

£ 8365


At Seton Community Primary School:

  • We ensure that teaching and learning opportunities meet the needs of all our pupils;
  • We recognise that there are many benefits to ensuring that all children participate in sports or other physical activities:
    • Develops strength, mobility and physical endurance;
    • Supports the establishment of healthy lifestyles for life;
    • Helps in weight control, especially important in light of current levels of childhood obesity;
    • Develops social skills especially team work;
    • Develops friendships;
    • It is fun!


Our intention is to use additional funding in four ways:

  • To broaden our provision to offer a wider remit of activities;
  • To train staff so that the provision becomes sustainable into the future;
  • To consolidate existing provision;
  • To develop a love of sport and physical activity.



Sport Premium Funding is universal and therefore our aim will be for maximum benefit for all our pupils, including and especially those that may not ordinarily see themselves as ‘sporty’.

Our typical current provision includes:

  • Weekly 2 hours of PE teaching for all pupils;
  • Swimming for all ages from Year 1 – a block of at least 1 term over year;
  • Voluntary clubs (according to term) for football, cricket, netball, dance and athletics;
  • Participation in local tournaments and leagues;
  • Bike-ability training for Yr5/Yr6;
  • Hit the Surf;
  • Training for Play Leaders.
  • CPD for all teaching staff in sporting/P.E. areas of the curriculum.

Sports funding targeted for 2014-15 was as follows:

  • New P.E. equipment                                                                 £1,000
  • Equipment for After School Clubs                                          £1,000
  • Transport to events                                                                  £500
  • Swimming transport                                                                £1,950
  • Supply cover for sporting events                                            £1,000
  • Dance                                                                                        £200
  • SSCO  subscription                                                                   £500
  • Staff training – PE, swimming etc,                                             £500
  • Tennis coaching                                                                        £1,500
  • Cricket coaching                                                                         £500



The additional sports funding has enabled Seton School to widen the activities currently on offer, therefore expanding pupils sporting experiences and achievement. It has also enabled staff to widen and develop their expertise in sporting areas of the curriculum.

Seton School performs successfully within the local and wider community at sporting events throughout the year.  The additional opportunities and coaching now available, have hopefully further enhanced pupils’ success, which in turn has had a positive effect on their confidence and well-being.  

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