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Long Term Plan for Class 2 2019-20

Plan A

Autumn Term


We follow White Rose Maths scheme of work.

Cornerstones Topics

Moon Zoom

Street Detectives


Posters; Character profiles; Non-chronological reports; Adverts; Science fiction

Recounts and captions; Nursery rhymes; Instructions; Adverts; Diary writing


Properties of everyday materials; Working scientifically


Let’s Investigate

Does it snow in summer?

Are all leaves the same?

Can you be a superhero?

What keeps us dry?

How does it feel?

What makes the loudest noise?

Can water make music?

Art and Design

Models of the Solar System

Famous local artists; Drawing, painting or collaging views from the local area

Design and Technology

Design and make space themed vehicles; evaluating toys; Using mechanisms

Selecting tools and materials; Baking; Sign making; Designing buildings


Significant people – Astronauts; Changes within living memory

Changes within living memory; Significant people; Places and events in the local area.


Satellite images

Fieldwork in the local area; Human and physical features; Using and making maps with keys; Looking at aerial images


Drawing Software; Algorithms; Email; Photo stories

We are astronauts

Photo stories; Algorithms


Space sounds; Space themed songs

Charanga – Friendship song

Charanga – Round and Round


Aspirations and goal settings

Belonging to a community; Improving the local area



Measurement; Fundamental movement patterns




Spring Term


We follow White Rose Maths scheme of work.

Cornerstones Topics

Paws, Claws and Whiskers

Land Ahoy


Recounts; Fables; Booklets and lists; Instructions; Nursery rhymes and poems

The Bear and the piano - David Litchfield

The Journey Home – Frann Preston-Gannon

Narrative; Information books; Descriptions; Poetry; Postcards


Animals (including humans); Working scientifically

Everyday materials; Working scientifically

Let’s Investigate

Can you leap like a frog?

Whose poo?

What is camouflage for?

Why do we have teeth?

What is the life cycle of the ladybird?

Can you find the treasure?

Why do boats float?

Will it degrade?

Art and Design

Talking about art; Drawing; Collage; Model making; Painting; Sculpture; Animal masks and products

Observational drawing; Printing

Design and Technology

Designing labels; Designing and making animal enclosures

Mechanisms; Structures



Significant historical people – Captain James Cook, Grace Darling; Famous paintings


Using and making maps; Describing physical features

Using and making maps; Location knowledge; Using and giving directions


Retrieving images; Photography; Using presentation software

We are collectors

We are researchers

Programming; Using presentation software

We are treasure hunters

We are photographers


Animal songs

Charanga - I wanna play in a band

Sea shanties

Charanga – Rhythm in the way we walk and The Banana Rap


Caring for animals

Feeling positive about themselves.


Animal movement and dance

Throwing and catching

Fundamental movement patterns

Throwing and catching




Summer Term


We follow White Rose Maths scheme of work.

Cornerstones Topics


Scented Garden/Enchanted Woodland


Recounts; Information books; Instructions; Narrative; Poetry

Recounts; Non-chronological reports; Instructions and lists; Narrative; Information books and letters


Caring for the environment; Healthy eating/balance diet

Plants; Identifying and classifying

Let’s Investigate

Do all balls bounce?

How does it move?

Why should I exercise?

Can seeds grow anywhere?

How does grass grow?

How do plants grow in winter?

Do insects have a favourite colour?

What’s in a bud?

What’s on your wellies?

Art and Design


Observational drawing; Sculpture; Flowering-pressing; Working with natural materials; Drawing and painting

Design and Technology

Materials and mechanisms

Making fragrant products; Building structures; Making party food


Significant people – sporting heroes




Plants in the local environment; Plants of the world; Continents of the world; Making maps


Digital photography

We are games testers

We are TV chefs

Present information; Sending an email

We are storytellers/We are painters

We are zoologists


Chants and rhymes

Charanga – Hands, Feet, Heart

Action rhymes

Charanga – Reflect, Rewind and Replay


Teamwork; Health and well-being

Feeling positive; Looking after the environment


Throwing and catching.

Attacking and defending

Team games





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